SAP PM培训 - SAP S/4 HANA培训免费试用
SAP PM培训 - SAP S/4 HANA培训免费试用

Why is VPN Useful for a Business? Best SAP 适用于企业的VPN解决方案

Why is VPN Useful for a Business? Best SAP 适用于企业的VPN解决方案

SAP PM培训 - SAP S/4 HANA培训免费试用
SAP PM培训 - SAP S/4 HANA培训免费试用


VPNs (Virtual Private Network) are getting familiar with internet users around the world. However, most of the netizens take advantage of 选择一个VPN only to access blocked websites. The benefit of VPNs is far beyond that.

Have you ever thought about using a 商业用VPN in your corporate SAP system environment, and use that VPN旅行 to secure your international business trips connectivity?

This can even be accomplished by using 手机上的VPN and allow everybody in your organization to access securely the most recent mobile SAP FIORI interface on private devices.


适用于企业的VPN解决方案 leads to better Security


A 商业用VPN can provide end-to-end encryption for all of the data, filling in the hole that the firewall and antivirus can not cover. That’s how an SAP VPN protects your valuable SAP data, communication, documents, client’s information or trade secret stored in your SAP system .

Moreover, a SAP 商业用VPN can even protect the entire internet connection, not just the internal network. It means when the data, let’s say documents are uploaded, they are still under the protection and only the employees of the company who have the corresponding key can decrypt that data.

Better Management using a 商业用VPN


On the one hand, a VPN enables them to be in the same network, resulting in easy and efficient management for the central office. On the other hand, the employee can freely access all of the company’s features, send and receive data in an independent system. And again, it is secured with 商业VPN服务 .

The solution of 选择一个VPN suggests a new approach to company management. It promotes office cultures to be more flexible. The employees don’t need to gather at the office all the time as long as they can keep their deadlines on time anywhere. On the contrary, the companies can outsource their work, lower their expenses and staff number, which is a common practice in the SAP managed businesses, in which using a 商业用VPN takes all its sense.

Affordability of the 最佳商务VPN

Establishing a physical private network is costly. It should be for the company that owns a gigantic data flow like Amazon or Google. A virtual network is yet cheap and more suitable 小型企业的VPN服务 .

With 企业VPN解决方案 starting from only $4.99 per month 30-day money-back guarantee, RusVPN can provide all your 商业VPN服务 needs with affordable price and 24/7 support.

Accessibility of 商业VPN服务

Let’s come back to a basic reason. Not all countries are internet-friendly. In some countries, some content can be blocked, even including your company’s portal. It is terrible if you go to a country that banned Google without using the best VPN旅行 , isn’t it?

No Gmail, no Google documents, sheets or searching tools – that can be a disaster to your work, both on laptop and on smartphone, unless you are using 手机上的VPN and on your computer.

The good news is, you still have 企业VPN解决方案 to change your present IP address or in other words, change your location virtually. A VPN选择国家 between 30 different ones, like RusVPN with over 338 servers in 30 countries is here for your 商业VPN服务 .


底线,为小型企业和大公司使用SAP VPN服务

对于企业而言,选择VPN的解决方案是一种经济实惠但安全的工具。在当今互联网和云计算蓬勃发展的时代,它对于所有类型的业务都至关重要,尤其是那些无法负担物理专用网络成本并且仍然必须使用VPN进行旅行以保护数据和连接性的小型业务通过使用 手机上的VPN 进行国际任务期间。

具有全球服务器,高速连接和合理价格的RusVPN是每家企业的理想选择。 SAP VPN连接 对于小型企业来说是理想的VPN服务,对于大型公司来说是理想的 企业VPN解决方案 ,对于运行SAP的所有企业来说,SAP VPN连接 都是必须的。

最重要的是,它不仅可以保护您的整个在线通信(例如访问 SalesForce平台 Google Cloud Platform ),还可以保护个人数据通信(例如访问Google云端硬盘帐户),而不仅仅是保护您的 SAP S4HANA 系统访问权限。

适用于企业的SAP VPN解决方案
SAP PM培训 - SAP S/4 HANA培训免费试用
SAP PM培训 - SAP S/4 HANA培训免费试用



SAP PM培训 - SAP S/4 HANA培训免费试用
SAP PM培训 - SAP S/4 HANA培训免费试用

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SAP PM培训 - SAP S/4 HANA培训免费试用
SAP PM培训 - SAP S/4 HANA培训免费试用