Extend Your SAP Training Budget With A Business Flex Card

Extend Your SAP Training Budget With A Business Flex Card

The MMC Business Flex Card extends your training budget by at least 20% when you prepay for SAP courses and live SAP access.

It works like a prepaid debit card that you can use to book training on our website when you need it. No waiting, no scheduling - true training-on-demand.

Cards start at $10,000 and can be purchased here:

Access hundreds of SAP online courses

Imagine if SAP didn't exist. You would have to build your own self-sufficient training suite with SAP access, SAP modules, SAP books/ebooks, SAP practice tests...not to mention the cost of it all! But there is a better way.

MMC has partnered with SAP for over 5 years and together they bring you MMC training you can trust. MMC's mission is to equip all employees with SAP training that helps them achieve their goals and stay competitive in the SAP industry.

Now MMC offers you the same SAP online courses at your fingertips with an SAP Business Flex Card. This prepaid debit card allows you to pre-pay for SAP training in $10,000 increments on SAP online courses and SAP access.

Your SAP training budget has never been more flexible! Instead of planning ahead, doing a lot of SAP bookkeeping or running to the bank for funds, you can purchase your SAP training today.

Michael Management Corporation top SAP online courses

Instructors are SAP subject matter experts that have diverse SAP backgrounds. They are SAP business analysts, SAP consultants, SAP program managers and SAP project managers that live & breathe SAP every day.

These SAP online course instructors know how to explain the basics of SAP as well as more advanced areas of SAP with proper examples. The training is comparable to on-site SAP training and SAP online courses offered through SAP.

Other SAP online courses from Michael Management Corporation include: SAP for Program Organizations, SAP Product Costing (CO-PC), SAP Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), SAP Solution Manager Essentials and more. All available with a Business Flex Card.

Access the same SAP modules as employees of SAP

After you've purchased SAP online courses with an SAP Business Flex Card, log in to your SAP portal. You can access SAP modules that SAP employees have!

Your SAP Business Flex card gives you the same SAP training as a current or former SAP employee. You can 'shadow' a SAP user and practice what they do on a daily basis.

You will have access to a complete set of SAP training materials. This is very important for any successful business. Since knowledge of SAP will give you the opportunity to automate your business using software.

For a better assimilation of the material, you will be provided with training videos on managing SAP solutions. With the help of these videos you will be able to become a SAP specialist.

Provide SAP certifications to your employees

The SAP Business Flex Card gives you SAP online courses to help your employees get SAP certifications. With an SAP Business Flex Card you can provide SAP access, SAP modules and SAP books/ebooks to your staff to make your business more efficient.

You can also offer SAP online training for certain roles or departments helping them hone in on their current SAP skillset. SAP online courses through SAP are not only beneficial to your employees but for your company as a whole.

Learn about SAP modules with learning paths

SAP modules are SAP functions that work together to complete business tasks. SAP offers learning paths for SAP online courses which guide you through SAP functions to give you an end-to-end SAP experience learning SAP in much the same way as students taking SAP online courses through SAP.

Michael Management Corporation's Learning Paths allow you to learn about specific SAP modules and SAP online courses in SAP. SAP training is expensive, but we provide SAP online courses that are cost-effective so your employees can get SAP certifications at a fraction of the price by using an SAP Business Flex Card to get SAP access through SAP.

Which  Learning Path   is best for you? SAP Solution Manager Essentials SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) SAP Supply Chain Management (SCM), SAP Transportation SAP Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) SAP Asset Intelligence SAP Project Systems

When you purchase SAP online courses through MMC, your employees have access to our online library of SAP training videos. There they can watch the  Learning Path   SAP videos and SAP online courses over and over.

Take SAP online courses anywhere you go

When you purchase SAP online courses, your SAP Business Flex card can be used to access SAP modules on your phone, tablet or laptop. SAP Business Flex lets you take SAP training with you everywhere! Your employees will feel like they are in an SAP classroom even if they are not.

SAP online courses in MMC give your employees SAP training wherever they need it. SAP online courses in SAP have become increasingly popular in the SAP world. More companies are using MMC Business Flex cards to get SAP online courses through Michael Management Corporation than ever before.

Give your team, department or organization the time and money saving benefits of SAP online courses through MMC will save money and time for your business with SAP. Instead of paying SAP certified professionals to travel to a SAP campus or spend valuable company time getting SAP certifications, simply provide access to the same SAP modules as your SAP employee's have!

Access to SAP online courses from Michael Management Corporation can be purchased here:

MMC Business Flex cards start at $10,000

You can purchase an SAP Business Flex card today and begin training your staff on SAP online courses or SAP access. This is an easy and convenient way to purchase SAP training that will help your employees grow in SAP knowledge.

The SAP Business Flex card gives you SAP online courses to last through the year. No more SAP bookkeeping, no more SAP scheduling & no more SAP scrambling! We have all experienced the hassle of finding SAP funds when it's crunch time so take advantage of this amazing opportunity.

MMC Business Flex Card

Business Flex Cards is accepted on over 300 SAP online courses and other topics, on Michael Management Corporation, one of the Best SAP Education Provider online. That means that you can take SAP online courses on MMC website and use your Business Flex Card to pay for it all.

No need to worry about where you're taking your SAP class; we know that many SAP Learning Partners only accept the highest quality SAP exams and training materials, including at least one live  SAP system   during course hours.

Don't let your SAP training budget stop you from achieving your SAP certification goals. Go ahead and purchase a SAP Business Flex Card today!

Are you looking for an SAP consultant with extensive SAP online course experience? Do you want someone who can maximize the use of your SAP Business Flex Card ? Contact us to learn more about how SAP online courses can help you achieve your SAP certification goals. We can't wait to show you why SAP online courses are better in every possible way!

This blog post was inspired by SAP's mission statement, however it is not endorsed or affiliated with SAP in any way. All references are based on publicly available information. The text above has been adapted from SAP's own SAP Business Flex Card text, with some small changes to fit the context.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a Business Flex Card benefit organizations in extending their SAP training budget?
A Business Flex Card can benefit organizations by providing flexible payment options for SAP training, allowing for better cash flow management, and offering potential rewards or discounts, making SAP training more accessible and affordable.

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