Companies With Supplier Diversity Programs: Become One!

Many suppliers are being certified as diversity suppliers, and any buyer can easily find one of them. But how is it possible to find a list of diverse suppliers for my business and start creating business relationships with them?

What are the different diversity suppliers? Disabled Veteran-Owned, Green Initiatives, LGBT-Owned, Minority-Owned, Small Disadvantaged, Veteran-Owned, Vietnam Veteran-Owned, Woman-Owned

The answer might surprise you by how easy it is to actually become one of the companies with suppliers diversity programs by  buying on Ariba Discovery   platform, and sourcing your diversity suppliers from there.

You might even reduce your  operational procurement   costs, by finding a supplier for your business that is geographically closer to your location, or that has a better offer. But where and how? Let's follow the guide, it all happens on  Ariba SAP   B2B marketplace!

Buying on Ariba Discovery online course for beginner – in French
Buying on Ariba Discovery online course for beginner – in English

What is SAP Ariba Discovery?

The SAP Ariba B2B marketplace is an online platform that connects businesses together and allows them to improve their  plan buy pay process   from all possible angles.

With more than 4 million registered business on the platform, you will most likely be able to find a supplier for any business need you might have, and have them compete between each other to offer you the best prices.

By  buying on Ariba Discovery   you will be able to post your offerings, look for suppliers in the global directory, and establish new business relationships, all for free for basic needs.

How much does it cost to find suppliers from diversity? It comes for free on SAP Ariba platform

You can of course get a license to take your relationship a step further and manage your whole procurement process on the SAP Ariba platform - however, to source suppliers from diversity, and become one of the companies with supplier diversity programs by creating new business relationship with them, all you have to do is to create a profile and start working with them: have a look at below online courses to train your whole procurement department in getting your company to work with an existing list of diverse suppliers with more than 250 000 of them, all around the world!

How to get a supplier for your business?

Getting a supplier for your business procurement needs means that you need to browse various suppliers listings and catalogs, a process that can be long and costly.

Instead of doing the whole job yourself, why not simply create a posting on a global marketplace, and have the suppliers compete against each other and send you their offers by themselves?

This is very simple to do on  Ariba SAP   platform and can save your business a lot of time and money.

Where to find a list of diverse suppliers?

Moreover, if you want to become one of the Companies With Supplier Diversity Programs you will have to find, by yourself, a list of these diverse suppliers... a tedious task!

A smarter solution would be to simply start  buying on Ariba Discovery   and directly acces the whole list of diverse suppliers with more than 250 000 registered companies.

List of diverse suppliers on Ariba Discovery

  • Disabled Veteran-Owned (4495)
  • Green Initiatives (130178)
  • LGBT-Owned (771)
  • Minority-Owned (46795)
  • Small Disadvantaged (23425)
  • Veteran-Owned (12692)
  • Vietnam Veteran-Owned (2133)
  • Woman-Owned (84911)

The whole process will be as simple as a few clicks, after having learned how to use the platform.

What are the diversity suppliers?

Diversity suppliers are companies certified for meeting an exact criteria:

A disabled veteran-owned supplier is a company being run by a disabled war veteran, that had the strength to become a business owner.

Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Businesses program

A green initiative supplier is a company that does what it can for the environment, by making the Earth a better place through its internal programs.

Green Business Bureau Member Benefits

An LGBT-Owned supplier is a company that has an owner coming from the LGBT community.

LGBT-owned businesses

A minority owned supplier has an owner that belongs to one of the identified minorities.

MBE Certification

A small disadvantaged supplier is at least 51% owned by individuals that are both socially and economically disadvantaged.

Small Disadvantaged Business

A veteran owned business is generally owned by a veteran, regardless of its injuries or service.

Likely, a Vietnam veteran-owned business is own by an army veteran that has served during the Vietnam war.

Veteran-owned businesses

Women owned business belong to women and can get access to specific networking opportunities, on top of being listed for companies with supplier diversity programs purposes in corresponding lists.

Women-owned businesses

Enter the list of companies with supplier diversity programs

Now that you know how to create your own supplier diversity program by finding suppliers from diversity on the  Ariba SAP   platform, all you have to do is start trading with them, and use their products or services in your own ones.

The cherry on cake? You can list yourself as a supplier from diversity, if that is your case, and let the whole business marketplace find you for your unique offering!

How to learn to become a company with supplier diversity program?

To get to know more about becoming a company with supplier diversity program by finding suppliers listed as such on a marketplace, simply follow the  buying on Ariba Discovery   course and start applying what you have learned, right away!

Buying on Ariba Discovery online course for beginner – in French
Buying on Ariba Discovery online course for beginner – in English

Frequently Asked Questions

How can businesses effectively find and engage with diverse suppliers using SAP Ariba?
Businesses can utilize SAP Ariba to find diverse suppliers by accessing its extensive network of certified diverse suppliers. This platform makes it easier to identify and create relationships with these suppliers, supporting diversity and inclusion in procurement processes.

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