SAP change language of the SAP interface after login

SAP change language

In order to change the default language, the one displayed by default in the SAP login‌ screen, you need to change it through the preferences. If you simply select another language while logging in, it will be applied to the current session only, and you'll have to enter it again the next time you log in.

To definitely change your default language, in the SAP logon‌ window, go to Options…

Find the SAP logon‌ Options => General options, and there change the Language. Also make sure the Use SAP logon‌ language as default logon screen is checked.

Apply the change, and restart your SAP logon‌ as prompted, all active sessions will be closed.

Then, reopen SAP Logon, you should already see the interface in the requested language, and find your SAP server.

The interface is by default in the selected language, and the proposed Logon Language is now the one chosen in Options... menu.

In case the language you'd like to use is not available, check with your system administrator, he might have to install it.

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How to change language in SAP

SAP change language is simple, provided the language installation in sap has been done by the central team. SAP language settings allow to change the SAP logon‌ language, which is also valid for SAP HANA‌ language. This is how to change SAP language.

Simply go to SAP logon‌ options > general, and select the language you want to switch from English to your preferred language.

How to change SAP language from german to english, how to change default logon language in sap ? As German is what language is sap written in, you might want to do a SAP language change to English. Once the sap default language has been changed, the logon language sap will always be that one, this will make SAP change language after login. The SAP default language parameter will also be changed accordingly.

SAP language key

SAP language key are the ISO 639-1 codes.

They consist of a two letter code to identify uniquely a language, and might be different from the country ISO code, even if the country has a single national unique language.

List of ISO 639-1 codes SAP language keys

SAP logon language table

SAP language table is SMLT, it is the SAP language codes table and SAP logon‌ language table. SMLT is also the SAP transaction code for language import.

The table SMLT contains the installed languages that are available to choose in the SAP logon. To add a new language, the language code must also be available in T002C first, the central language table that defines the languages that could be used in the system, either for the logon, or in the user exits.

T002C SAP Customizing Data for T002 Table
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SAP change language after login

If you want to change your user language after you have logged in SAP, open the menu system > user profile > own data.

There, in the default tab, change the logon language to the one you want, for example EN for English, or FR for French.

SAP language tcode

It is also possible to change the language via the SAP language tcode SU01 user administration, or the SAP language transaction SU3 maintain users own data.

Using these transactions, and filling your username, will take you to the same screen as going through the menu system > user profile > own data, in which the logon language field can be changed for the language of your choice.

SAP language transaction SU3 tcode usage

SAP business one change language

In SAP business one, go to the left sidebar menu administration > system initialization > general settings > display tab.

Here, a select menu called language will allow you to choose between all installed languages. By selecting the language you want, you will change language in SAP business one, which will promptly be applied to the user interface in your favourite language.

How to change the default language in SAP business one?

ABAP set language

To set the language in ABAP programming language to the desired language, start by opening the ABAP editor.

There, access the language system customization table T002C, and update the language to the required value for the target user.

How to change the SAP Supplementation Language

SAP HANA language

Changing the graphical user interface for HANA is the same as for standard SAP, as the interface is the same.

However, if you want to change the language of the SAP service server connection, this can be done in open service definition > SAP services > SAP server‌ details.

Creating a SAP Service

SAP change language during session

It is not possible to change the SAP language during session without having to close all windows and login again.

To change the language in the session, and only for the session without modifying the user logon language, the best option is to select another language on the SAP logon‌ screen, when entering the username and password. That way, the language for the session will be different than the user default language.

How to check installed SAP languages in video

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