Display technical names in SAP

How to display transaction codes in SAP menu

In short: in menu Extras and Settings, check the box Display Technical Names, this will show the transaction codes next to the transaction in SAP Easy Access.

Display transaction code in SAP menu

Having to look for transactions in the SAP user menu might seems complicated, especially as the search is not always successful – sometimes leading to interface errors.

SAP show tcode in menu

However, getting SAP to show transaction codes / technical names right next to the transaction names can be quite useful, and is a simple setting to activate.

In SAP main screen, open menu Extras > Settings.

The keyboard shortcut Shift+F9 also opens this menu where we can have SAP display transaction code.

How to turn on technical names in SAP

Here, check the box Display Technical Names to show transaction codes in SAP menu – or uncheck it to have them hidden, and save the change.

And that's it, the transaction codes are now displayed right next to the transactions names.

In the Easy Access menu, you now have the SAP tcodes with description.

How to show technical names in SAP

Have SAP show technical names is a very easy trick, as the display technical names in SAP is only a checkbox away.

How to turn on technical names in SAP

The SAP technical names are the transaction codes, to use for direct access to a transaction, either from the SAP user menu, or directly from a transaction.

To get SAP display technical names, simply activate the corresponding option display transaction code in SAP menu, accessible with SHIFT+F9.

Display technical names in SAP menu

After having checked how to see technical names in SAP, or how to show transaction codes in SAP, which is the same thing, you will get to display technical field names in SAP.

After finding how to show tcodes in SAP menu, simply go to see SAP easy access transaction codes with following tcodes:

SAP Easy Access tcode is SE41,

SAP user menu tcode is SMEN.

The solution will also make SAP favourites show transaction code, which will be pretty useful to share quickly a transaction with a colleague.

Displaying the transaction codes will also make your screenshots more meaningful, as both the transaction code and the transaction name description will be displayed, it will be more understandable.

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