How to create a new system entry in SAP GUI in 4 easy steps?

System connection parameters sap GUI

Adding a new server to the  server list‌  displayed is quite simple.

You may have to do so in case your organization haven't provided you with a full  server list‌  (see SAP Logon  server list‌  find and change the SAPlogon.ini), if a server has been newly created, or you recently joined a project and suddenly needs to access a specific project server.

The saplogon INI file location in Windows 10 is in the following folder, it can be directly accessed and modified – but we will see below how to do it using the SAP GUI, which will automatically update this SAP GUI INI file path:

C:\Users\[user]\AppData\Roaming\SAP\Common folder

The  SAP interface‌  screens to  add server in SAP 740‌  and to  add server in SAP 750‌  are a little different, but the procedure to add a new SAP server in the  server list‌  is pretty similar.

Add server in SAP 740 in the SAP logon
Add server in SAP 750 in the SAP logon

SAP GUI logon

Start with the SAP Logon window – click the New menu item in order to add a new system number in saplogon.ini with the SAP GUI.

Select User Specified System in the Create New System Entry menu – it will most likely be the only option available. Click Next:

SAP logon parameters for new server

Here, make sure the Connection Type is set to Custom Application Server.

Fill in the details as given by your system administrator: Description (this is the name that will appear in your server list, you can setup the value you like), Application Server, Instance Number, System ID in SAP, SAProuter String – the later one will most likely remain empty. Click Next:

SAP GUI system connection parameters

In the Network Settings, you will generally not have to change anything, unless instructed to do so, click directly Next.

Language and Encoding can stay on default values, unless you have a specific need – click Finish to end creating a new system entry for SAP GUI.

The new server now appears in your server list! Check the SAP GUI logon, it should appear there, and can now be also added to your favourites in case you use it often.

What is SAP GUI

SAP GUI is the graphical interface that allows to connect to a given existing SAP system, and use all the functions of the SAP ERP. GUI literally stands for GraphicalUserInterface, graphical user interface.

How to solve SAP GUI closes automatically?

If your SAP GUI closes automatically, the error can come from several issues, which can be a bad Internet connection, an unstable VPN connection, a corrupted local installation, a  server list‌  error, or also a server issue.

The best way to solve SAP GUI closes automatically issue is to try the following solutions:

  • Check your Internet connection,
  • Check your VPN connection,
  • Update your local server list,
  • Re install the SAP GUI, either with a fresh  SAP 740 installation‌  or the SAP 750 installation.

If none of these solutions worked, contact your local IT support, as the issue goes deeper than a self troubleshooting.

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