Where is saplogon.ini file stored in Windows 10?

SAP logon file location in Windows 10

The easiest way to update your server list, is to request your project or a colleague to provide you with the server list.

Once you get the SAP server‌ list, which will be a text file called SAPLogon.ini, all you have to do to add server in SAP 740‌ or add server in SAP 750‌ with a full list instead of adding them one by one, is to paste this file in the right SAP HANA‌ configuration file location as shown below.

In SAP 750 GUI interface, the saplogon.ini has been replaced by an XML file called SAPUILandscape.xml which serves the same purpose, and is stored in the same folder.

By doing so, all you’ll have to do to have all SAP servers listed in your SAP Logon is to update the SAPlogon.ini file.

SAP GUI 750 saplogon.ini location

The file will most likely be located in below folder – remember, in SAP 750 GUI interface, the SAPLogon.ini file has been replaced by an XML file called SAPUILandscape.xml:


If that’s not the case, here’s how to find out which folder is used on your computer.

In SAP Logon, go to Options…

In SAP GUI Options, go to SAP Logon Options > Local Configuration Files

You’ll see there where is located your local connection file saplogon.ini, but also other SAP files : SAP Tree Structure file SapLogonTree.xml, SAP Shortcut file sapshortcut.ini, SAP Message Server file SAPMSG.INI, and SAProuter file SAPROUTE.INI

Open given folder with your Explorer window, and you’ll see the file listed there – simply replace it (or rename it to keep a backup) by pasting the file provided to you.

You can also open it and edit it manually – that’s another way to add SAP servers, if you know what you are doing.

SAPlogon.ini file not found

In case the SAPlogon.ini file is not found on your system, make sure there is no corrupted file available. Then, start the SAP interface‌ normally, and setup the servers in order to trigger a new SAPlogon.ini file generation.

What is the use of saplogon.ini?

The SAPlogon.ini file contains the list of servers accessible by the GUI interface in the quick access, with the servers address and their local name.

SAP 740 saplogon.ini location / SAP 750 SAPUILandscape.xml location

The SAPlogon.ini file is generally located in the roaming user directory, located at:


See below how to find the SAPUILandscape.xml file in SAP 750 GUI installation, as the SAPlogon.ini file has been replaced by an XML file called SAPUILandscape.xml, situated in the same standard SAP GUI device folder:

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