How To Practice SAP MM At Home?

Either while wanting to learn SAP by yourself or practice to get an SAP certification or try out some tricks on a  SAP system   without messing up work data, there are plenty of ways in which having a practice  SAP MM   interface can be useful.

But how to get one? First of all, it will be necessary to understand what is SAP IDES and how to access it, and then we'll see the main ways to access a SAP IDES system to practice  SAP MM   at home and get a certification in SAP Material Master or simply skill up.

What is SAP IDES?

The SAP IDES system is basically an SAP sandbox with some scrambled data set that allows you to play around the SAP ECC program at home without messing up any data from any company, all the data present is sample data and is only losely based on real data system.

SAP IDES meaning: Internet Demonstration and Evaluation System

It is even possible to install SAP IDES on your own Windows Server or Linux server, but this will mostly be achieved by companies or IT professionals.

How to install SAP IDES for Practice on Windows Server or Linux

If you are a consultant, an key user, an end user, or an SAP student, you might better want to get an  IDES SAP access   online and  install SAP GUI   on your computer or a laptop to access it and play with the system.

What are the SAP MM components?

However, while the data is fake, it is fully usable and allow you to practice  SAP MM   at home for all kind of things:

Materials Management (MM) - SAP MM

Basically, all the  SAP MM   components are included in the SAP IDES system and all kind of objects can be created, modified, viewed and archived.

The 4  SAP MM   components are the following:

  • Master Data including Vendor and Material Master Data along with Purchase Info Record,
  • Inventory with Physical Inventory and Inventory Management,
  • Purchasing with Logistics Invoice Verification,  purchase requisition   RFQ and Purchase orders included,
  • Material Resource Planning MRP with Consumption Based Planning.
Overview of SAP MM module

Practice SAP MM At Home

Now that you understand why a  SAP IDES access   is what you are aiming for how to practice  SAP MM   at home it is time to get an access.

The best way is to get a user access on a running SAP IDES system that will simply create an user for you and allow you to connect to the system anytime you want, thus allowing you to connect to that system from anywhere you are, for example at home or on the go, all you will need being to  install SAP GUI   on your computer, and to  add server in SAP 750   interface in order to access it.

You can get a practice  SAP MM   access at Michael Management which is the preferred solution for students and companies to get a system up and running at a lower cost without having to manage the technical side themselves.

Cost of a SAP IDES Access

You might wonder how much costs an access to practice  SAP MM   for yourself or for your company on a private system, and even to do more than simply practice  SAP MM   ?

There are many other types of  SAP system   access for practice available, however, these are the main one to practice  SAP MM   at home or privately for your own company.

If you are not sure how to get started, don't hesitate to request a personalized Live, one-on-one SAP Access Setup session!

Steps to practice SAP MM at home

Now that you know where and how to practice  SAP MM   it is time to summarize the steps necessary so you will be all set to play with SAP MM, create materials and perform other operations:

Going further: SAP MM trainings

It is now time to get the right trainings in order to make the most use of your SAP environment, and why get go all the way up to getting an SAP certification or becoming a  SAP MM   consultant?

In any case, to make the most use of your system and skill up yourself or your whole team, online  SAP MM   trainings might be the next step to take in your SAP usage journey:

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the benefits of MM SAP basic knowledge?
SAP MM will help you create any request for quotation from a quotation, create an SAP Purchase Order from an RFP, manage Master Material Views of any product, and more.
What are some ways to practice SAP MM at home?
Practicing SAP MM at home can be done using SAP training interfaces, online courses, or SAP trial versions.

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