SAP Define an MRP Controller (Material Requirements Planning)

The MRP Controller in SAP, Material Requirements Planning Controller, is a mandatory field in Material Master.

Define an MRP controller in SAP

The MRP Controller in SAP, Material Requirements Planning Controller, is a mandatory field in Material Master.

It represents the person, or group, that will be responsible of controlling the material workflow scheduling.

In order to define a new MRP Controller, go to the SPRO customizing transaction, under Production > Material Requirements Planning > Master Data > Define MRP Controllers

How to create MRP controller in SAP MM

There, the available entries will be displayed, or clicking on the New Entries button will allow the creation of a new one:

Enter all the mandatory details : Plant, code, description, business area, profit center, recipient type and recipient.

When saving, give a Customizing request number.

And voilà ! A confirmation message Data was saved should be displayed.

MRP group in SAP

SAP MRP group is used to separate and identify distinct planning responsibilities. MRP group SAP are used for different planning strategies and consumption modes for example.

SAP MRP definition

MRP SAP meaning is Material Requirements Planning. The MRP definition in SAP is to calculate all requirements for a given production cycle, the MRP control will check all requirements.

The SAP MRP transactions will define for example which time is necessary to produce a chosen amount on time, and found out what could be missing, like some raw material stock, or other products based on their SAP material type and the production recipe.

Material planner salary

A typical material planner salary is around 55000$US, as defined on GlassDoor.

Material Planner Salaries on GlassDoor

MRP profile in Material Master SAP

The MRP profile in Material Master is a key which holds the MRP view fields that needs maintenance when creating a new material master entry.

It can contain either fixed or default values, and using an existing MRP profile will facilitate the task of the material master creation, as some repetitive tasks might be avoided.

Control code in Material Master SAP

The control code in Material master creation is a government code called HSN for Harmonized System of Nomenclature, a way to classify the commodities among countries.

Material requirement planning controller

The material requirements planning controller is the physical person that will be responsible for following the planning of the material requirements among its usage within the organization.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to define MRP controller in SAP?
To define a new MRP controller, go to the SPRO Customizing transaction under Manufacturing > Material Requirements Planning > Master Data > Define MRP Controllers.
What is the role of an MRP Controller in SAP?
The MRP Controller in SAP is a crucial field in Material Master, managing material requirements planning.

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