Find a material classification in SAP

SAP’s Material Master Classification view (Fig 1) is very particular. It does not contain direct values from one or more tables, but it have values from several tables linked together. Even if the general links are quickly explained online[1], it may be useful to learn how to navigate in these tables, this in order to identify particuliar values, and find out easily these values for a group of materials. ...
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SAP extract Forecasting parameters (MPOP structure)

SAP MPOP structure is not a real table, and is not directly accessible, for example using SE16N (Fig 1). Therefore, if we want to extract Material Master’s MPOP data for a given set of materials, it must be done by accessing several tables, MAPR (Fig 2) and PROP (Fig 3), which contains information from the Material Master’s Forecasting view (Fig 4). ...
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