How to Solve SAP Error M7001 Check Table T159L: Entry Does Not Exist

How to Solve SAP Error M7001 Check Table T159L: Entry Does Not Exist

Businesses spend a lot of time, effort, and money transitioning from heritage to SAP ERP systems and implementing various safety measures to ensure a smooth and successful process. However, they usually don't spend enough time planning for ERP systems and any mistakes that can occur once the program has gone live.

It can be more challenging for a program to be completed if the psychological health of individuals working on it is compromised and the effectiveness of the solutions to the issues they encounter.

An example of an issue could be that the customer's payment method is inaccurate or that the process operator cannot produce a sales transaction. Problems and inaccurate content distribution timeframes for purchase orders can also result from wrongly preserving the anticipated delivery time in the substance master.

The result of this not being resolved is unfulfilled orders that could cause the loss of your business partners and patrons. We will examine the causes and find solutions to the SAP Error M7001 check table T159: entry does not exist in this post.

Why Do Errors Happen?

A system error is a bug that causes the program to issue non-standard actions and possibly incorrect results. Program errors can arise due to errors made by the developers of the program in its source code. SAP error m7001 is a very popular error that can be solved.

A software provider, SAP SE, aids in the establishment and administration of your business operations. In resource development for enterprises, they established a reputation for themselves. Meanwhile, avoiding mistakes is difficult, especially if your business is new or going through substantial changes.

These mistakes can be caused by human error or software malfunction. Both are easy to resolve if you go through the proper avenues to fix the problem. The support is open to the designated letters, which correlate to the meaning of the acronym system, application, and products.

What is SAP Error M7001 Check Table T159L: Entry Does Not Exist?

If you've encountered this error, it could be that there hasn't been specified management of the inventory for the plant during the creation of the receipt of the goods in SAP TCode MIGO. After making the supplier bill for the receipt of the items as a portion of the purchase arranged payment procedure in the procurement, the M7001 error might pop up. This error shows up if your entry is not being recognized, and it has to be reconfigured manually.

One instance is if someone entered erroneous data that the system could not verify. The future user who utilizes the same information can flag such errors and coordinate with the person who made the error. Due to this, you can correct the error thanks to the Sap Erp's tightly mutually dependent life.

How to Fix SAP Error M7001 Check Table T159L: Entry Does Not Exist

Now that you've figured out what's causing this prompt to pop up if you ever encounter this problem, there is a simple way to fix it. Follow these steps to solve this error:

  • To start fixing error M7001, launch the SPRO customizing transaction.
  • Open the  SAP Materials Management   ‌
  • Tap on Inventory Management for it to collapse, and you'll see Physical Inventory.
  • Click on Plant Parameters.
  • Find the transaction and open it to configure the plant for goods receipt.
  • Next, visit the Inventory Management's overview transaction and select the Change View General Plant Settings option.
  • Afterward, select the option that says New Entries. This will prompt you to put in an entry where the receipt would appear for the plant, as no entry has been made for table T159L.

The configuration from another identical plant to the plant you intend to set up may be copied to new entries for plant settings in Inventory Management by simply selecting what you need to copy and selecting Copy. Most fields will already be filled if you choose to replicate a plant that already exists.

From there, input the new plant's code to establish its corresponding inventory management settings. Don't forget to double-check that each parameter—such as dates for transfers permitted or schedule of retention—is accurate.

When you're finished, press Enter or Save to proceed with the setup. The incorrect plant should now include an entry in the plant settings table since it has been corrected.

Afterward, save entries in the customized table T159L. To do this, a popup for customization requests will appear, and you'll need to choose one to utilize with that update.

Once that step is done, you may continue creating the receipt for the goods and completing your operations purchasing tasks, such as creating a proforma invoice relating to that receipt.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can SAP Error M7001 Check Table T159L: record does not exist?
This error can occur if inventory management has not been set for the plant when creating goods receipts in SAP TCode MIGO. After billing a supplier for receiving items as part of the payment process organized at purchase, this error may appear.
How can you resolve the SAP M7001 error related to Table T159L?
The resolution involves ensuring the table entry for T159L exists or is correctly configured in the system.

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