How to create plant in SAP S4 HANA

Create plant in SAP

There are two ways to create a new plant in SAP S4 HANA, see below our sap plant configuration guide.

The first one is to go directly in the transaction OX10 from the SAP S4 HANA easy access home screen.

Tcode for plant creation in SAP OX10

The second one is to go in the customization transaction SPRO and find the entry Enterprise structure > Logistics – general > Define, copy, delete, check plant.

It is also possible to get directly there by using the tcode for plant master data in sap OX10.

Create plant in SAP MM

There, in the plant overview, click on New entries to enter new SAP plant master data.

How to create a plant in SAP MM

Enter the plant details, including the plant code, short name, long name, country code, city code, factory calendar, and full address.

Creation of a plant in SAP MM

A customizing request will be required to proceed with plant creation.

Customizing request to create plant in SAP MM

The plant should now be visible in the plant list. The plant master data table in SAP T001W can also be used to check the plants existing in the system, using the plant code table in SAP table view transaction SE16N.

To copy a plant, select a plant already existing, and click on the plant copy button.

Plant created in SAP MM

There, simply change the information that needs to be changed from the first plant, according to the SAP new plant setup checklist: plant code, short name, long name, country and city codes, factory calendar and full address.

How to copy plant in SAP MM

After creation, the second plant should be visible in the plant in SAP ERP list.

Plant copied in SAP

The definition of plant in SAP SD and also SAP MM is the organizational level belonging to a company code. Typically, each legal organization has a unique company code, and all of them can have different plants. For example, the entity Corporation has the company code CRPR and operates in the US. The office in New York would be the plant US01, and the office in Los Angeles would be the plant US02.

What are the important prerequisites for creating a plant in SAP

Before creating a plant in SAP, the company code under which it operates must exist, and the factory calendar must exist, typically one per country.


SAP plant table is T001W,

SAP plant tcode is OX10,

display plant in SAP in OX10,

the tcode to view table in SAP is OX10,

the tcode for plant master data in SAP is OX10,

tcode for plant in SAP is OX10.

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