SAP: The material does not exist or is not activated M3305

Solve SAP error M3305

While using a material number, for example during the creation of a  request for quotation ‌  as part of the procurement lifecycle management, it might happen that the error message M3305, the material does not exist or is not activated, is thrown by the SAP system.

SAP Error message M3305: The material does not exist or is not activated

In this case, do not panic, it might simply mean that the  Material Master views ‌  are not opened for the current organization, as we will see below.

Or, it could also mean that material does not exist and you have to  create material in SAP ‌  as part of the  SAP Materials Management ‌  in the global  operational procurement ‌  process.

Extend material to other organization

To activate an existing material for another organization, meaning for the corresponding plant, sales organization, or other relevant organization that has been opened for the material, but does not exist for the current need, open the transaction for  SAP Materials Management ‌  MM02.

In the transaction, enter the material number, and press enter to continue. You can then select the views that are necessary to open - in our case, in the missing views during a  SAP quotation ‌  process, we simply need to extend the MRP 1 view, for Material Requirement Planning, to the corresponding plant.

Organizational level selection

After having selected the MRP 1 view to extend, it is necessary to select the organizational level for which the material should be extended, which is, in this case, the right plant and storage location in which the material will be managed.

Enter the views you need, if necessary with the help of checking the current  Material Master views ‌  opened for the material using SE16N transaction, to make sure that the views you miss are not yet created, and continue by pressing enter.

Create material views

You will then enter the MRP1 view creation for the material, in the given organizational unit.

There, fill in all the fields needed for the materials, which include of course the mandatory fields, but also the ones that are necessary for business operations.

Once this is done, click on save to create the  Material Master views ‌  and extend the material accordingly.

In case everything goes well, a confirmation message will be displayed to inform that the material has been created, meaning that the missing views in given organizational units have been created.

It is now possible to proceed with other operations, such as  request for quotation ‌  creation in our case.

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