Three of the Best Places to Discover Talented Tech Employees

Three of the Best Places to Discover Talented Tech Employees

Technology is changing everything about the world, from small things to big things. In terms of the future of work, technology is changing how jobs are performed and what our jobs entail. As the qualities and skills that are valued in employees changes, so too will the job openings at your company. Acquiring talented tech employees will become far more important in the future than it is now.

With that in mind, identifying the key areas where tech opportunities will arise may be the best way to get ahead of this trend. When technology completely disrupts the workforce, it will completely change how the workforce looks. Avoid getting caught in this disruption by thinking outside the box and relying on a few powerful sources for recruiting talented tech workers.

How job seekers can apply for a job?

  • Method 1. Search through recruiting sites - where people post resumes.
  • Method 2. Search through the exchanges of remote work and freelance - the feature is that the person himself chooses the job and the initiator himself also chooses it.
  • Method 3. Search through social networks is a fairly popular method.
  • Method 4. Recruitment agencies and HR managers
  • Method 5. Students in Universities
  • Method 6. Search among friends, acquaintances, etc.

Find a Trade School Near You

Unlike traditional four-year educational institutions, trade schools adopt a different strategy when teaching students. Instead of focusing on broad carers and general education,  trade schools feature   specialized courses that are meant to prepare students for a specific career upon graduating.

Additionally, it only takes about a year to graduate from a trade school, which means these institutions could potentially provide a steady stream of talented workers in the future. Many people wonder if the number of students attending trade schools is actually comparative to that of college or university enrollment, and a report from  The Atlantic   found that trade school attendance does indeed now rival that of traditional institutions.

What makes trade schools a great resource for finding potential employees is the fact that the courses are more specialized than what students can find elsewhere. For perspective,  Thinkful   is a popular option that offers courses ranging from data science to digital marketing. This variety draws people of different interests from all over the world to trade schools, making it a melting pot of different talents.

Recruit From Coding Bootcamps

Bootcamps have been around for about the past decade. These tech bootcamps feature courses that can be completed even quicker than a trade school, and graduates typically choose to study one skill or field. To that end,  coding bootcamps are one of the best sources   if you are looking for employees capable of tackling the future of work.

Over the past decade, the importance of coding has become clear as numerous fields have emerged from the skill. Gaining skills in one or more coding languages is a smart option for any younger employee, and finding talented workers who boast these skills should be any company's first priority.

With that said, coding bootcamps only teach students one skill, so employees found at these sources work best if your company is looking to fill a specific position that uses a specific skill. Otherwise, a trade school may be a better, more broad option if your company is hiring for multiple positions.

Continue Networking at Colleges and Universities

Last but certainly not least, colleges and universities are an amazing place to find tech professionals. The only downside of sourcing from these schools is that new graduates typically require more training and may not actually be certain about what they want to do with their careers. For this reason, be sure to look for students who have experience in the fields they wish to enter so that you know they are serious about the job. Ask any potential graduates  what their strengths are,   as well as their weaknesses, to get a feel for if they are the right fit. In general, you should ask this of any candidate regardless of where they were recruited from.


Setting your company up to be a dynamic force in the future of work should always be your first priority. Keeping that in mind, you’ll also need to retain the talented tech workers you have spent so much effort recruiting. Ensuring that your employees are satisfied with the workplace you provide is best achieved by offering benefits that apply specifically to your workers, rather than general benefits. Understand who your employees are and you will understand what benefits you can offer to retain your employees. Think outside the box and recruit employees from unique sources.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some effective platforms for finding talented tech employees, particularly in the ERP and SAP domains?
Effective platforms for finding talented tech employees in ERP and SAP domains include professional networking sites like LinkedIn, specialized tech job boards, and industry-specific conferences and seminars where professionals gather.

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