Free SAP Fundamentals Online Course for Beginners with Certificate

Free SAP Fundamentals Online Course for Beginners with Certificate

Automation of document flow in the accounting of goods, bookkeeping, personnel management is very important for the operation of the enterprise. For this, there are several systems that work according to different algorithms. One of them is the brainchild of German developers - the SAP program: it is an application with which you can immediately post and update data. At the same time, all interested departments will be able to receive the changed information.

Why SAP was created and its purpose

The abbreviation SAP stands for System Analysis and Software Development. The company was organized by five employees from IBM. The idea of ​​creating the project arose from the analysis of the demand of clients who come to the company for various services.

In 1973, the first version of the application was presented. She included systems for managing materials, purchases, stocks, and also knew how to generate invoices. This is how the closed company SAP appears.

Foreign enterprises become clients of this company. SAP products are included in the Top 100 Best Products in Germany. The modules Personnel management and Maintenance and repair are added to the application. By the end of 1982, 236 companies were already using the products.

The firm's programmers are creating a new product Enterprise Management. The system is beginning to be in demand not only in European markets, but also in South Africa, Canada, and the USA.

By 1995, the number of users reached 2 thousand people, and the developers presented a new version under the SAP R3 number. It was this application that made developers billionaires.

Application features

SAP system is a business automation software. Its modules reflect all the internal processes of the company: accounting, trade, production, finance, personnel management, etc. SAP consultants take part in projects for the implementation and maintenance of SAP modules.

SAP online course will provide a full range of knowledge for business automation and process management.

The  SAP system   is focused on medium and large enterprises. It provides management with important information related to company operations in real time. Forming a single information space, the software replaces manual tasks with automated processes.

By implementing SAP in an enterprise, you can not only manage your business more easily, but also effectively control costs. To empower employees, organize their self-training, improve sales, service and marketing. By observing the ongoing processes online and analyzing them, you can foresee future results, optimize operations.

With SAP, you can maintain:

The advantages of the software include the flexibility of data customization. In the program, you can set the language, currency, certain conditions that correspond to the legal framework of the country. It is possible to synchronize the application with other software. At the same time, more than five thousand users can work in the system at the same time. A special feature is the self-learning of SAP. By analyzing the experience of other companies, it allows for more effective use of innovation.

Among the shortcomings, there is a rather high cost of the package and complex program code that requires training workers and hiring maintenance personnel with programming skills. Localization in Russian is poorly done, which sometimes leads to difficulties while working with the program.

The application product line specializes in business management solutions. The flagship package is mySAP Business Suite. It integrates information data and processes into a single platform. The system is developed on the Net Weaver technological platform. This family includes solutions for resource management, customer and supplier relationship, logistics network and product life cycle.

With the help of the system, a number of operations can be automated. For example, a received order is assigned to a responsible person who ensures its implementation. After processing by the employee, the document is sent to the operator of the next link, who supplements it with the necessary data. Employees do not worry about the timeliness of the transfer of documents or the need to find the right specialists.

The whole process of document flow for supplies, supplies, goods circulation at the enterprise occurs automatically. The cycle can cover the entire process, from the procurement of raw materials to sales and warranty support of finished products. The application is being developed taking into account current requirements and increasing production rates.

User's Manual

The SAP program is quite complex and requires computer knowledge at the level of a confident user. It consists of three parts: functional modules, database and graphical interface. As a rule, the modules are located on servers capable of quickly processing the information flow, decrypting the data and presenting them to the user in a convenient form.

The main part of the application is the window. For novice users, there is the possibility of organizing access through a web browser. The window contains various fields in which information is entered. There are many extensions available for integration into the system. The enterprise buys the modules of interest, and the programmer connects them to the client bases.

Any operation in the  SAP system   is called a transaction. The user needs to complete four simple steps for successful work:

  • Launch and log in to the system;
  • Go to the home screen;
  • Launch the required transactions;
  • Receive processing of the output.

The top menu is called a bar and contains three components: a title, an icon, and control buttons.

If there is a need for parallel work, an additional window opens. As a result, the space becomes cluttered, and even an experienced user can become confused.

Convenient online learning

The SAP program requires knowledge and practical experience. The developer, through his partners, offers an effective study of the system's operation without visiting offices and traveling costs. Training can be free, but more often the average price of a course is about %50.

However, you can access some free SAP fundamentals training to begin with, and learn about very basic SAP functionalities.

You can then deepen your level of SAP use by learning about project management, the 3 landscape architecture and more tips and tricks to become an efficient SAP user.

Consultation with a specialist

Upon acquaintance with the system, the user is lost in the interface. It is very difficult to figure it out on your own. Therefore, the company graduates specialists in the implementation of information systems.

The job of a SAP consultant is to determine the services that a German company can offer to an enterprise, as well as to assess its technical capabilities and the level of training of personnel.

All consultants go through a difficult path, starting from the position of an intern. To become one, you must complete a full training course based on the SAP Center.

The ability to communicate with people is important in the work of a specialist. He must be able to turn the wishes and goals of the client into specific tasks. To become a consultant, it is desirable to know ABAP / 4 - the language in which the SAP program code is written.

In addition, the company is the owner of SAP Labs. It is the laboratory that develops the main products and develops them. It coordinates business ideas and develops an innovative development strategy. The laboratory does not work directly with clients, but directly affects the functionality of the product.

Free SAP Fundamentals Online Course for Beginners with Certificate

SAP Fundamentals for Beginners is a very useful and important course through which you can become familiar with the basic basics of SAP. The course includes step-by-step instructions, as well as demos, through which you can learn how to perform some transactions, understand the interface, and understand how this system works in general. A person enrolled in this course leaves it with basic knowledge of SAP.

What do you need to know about this course? The language of instruction is English. The level for which the training corresponds is a beginner. This course is led by an instructor, which means that the course is designed, created and shown by a person who is specially assigned for this and is well versed in this area. That is why the course contains various screen demonstrations of the application with various examples of actions.

The course is divided into four parts:

  • Introduction to the course. This includes one lesson called Welcome and also has a preview;
  • SAP basics. This stage includes five lessons;
  • Demonstrations in a live SAP system. This stage includes two lessons;
  • Summary and appendix, there will be four lessons here.

After training, the student receives a certificate of completion of SAP Fundamentals for beginner.

★★★★⋆  Free SAP Fundamentals Online Course for Beginners with Certificate This course is perfectly helpful. It offers users the most fundamental knowledge about SAP, its modules as well as the functions in each modules, how they are connected to each other. Students think they stay more confident pursuing their career after following this course.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the parts of SAP courses for beginners?
The course consists of an introduction to the course, the basics of SAP, a demonstration in a live SAP system, a summary and an appendix. After training, the student receives a certificate of completion of SAP Fundamentals for beginner.
What skills can beginners expect to gain from the free SAP Fundamentals online course?
Beginners taking the free SAP Fundamentals online course can expect to learn basic SAP system navigation, core components of SAP software, foundational data management skills, and an overview of key SAP modules, culminating in a certificate of completion.

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