SAP solve the Pricing error: Mandatory condition MWST is missing

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Pricing error mandatory condition MWST is missing

When creating a sales order in SAP, you might get the Pricing error: Mandatory condition MWST is missing, because the tax codes are not consistent between order products and customer taxes.

Solution in short : check the order's incompletion log, note the item lines with Pricing error, for each material, update the tax code in Sales: sales org. 1 view.

MWST (Mehrwertsteuer) stands for Value Added Tax in German - if you are trying to sell a no tax material to a full tax paying customer, issue in the sales order might occur.

First step, in the order (SAP sales order creation transaction code VA01, change VA02, display VA03), is to check the incompletion log, to know which order's lines are in error, in menu Edit => Incompletion log, or shortcut Ctrl+F8.

In the incompletion log, check the item lines in error - in below example, lines 10, 20, 40, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120 (+ BOM components 121, 122), 130, 140, and 150 are having this pricing error.

Open the customer with Sales area (SAP customer creation transaction code VD01, change VD02, display VD03), go to customer Sales Area Data, and, in tab Billing documents, see the tax code for MWST, in below case code 1.

Then, one after the other, open the product (SAP material creation transaction code MM01, change MM02, display MM03), with Sales Area data for view Sales: sales org. 1, and locate the tax code for MWST - in below case, it is 2, half tax, while it should be 1, full tax.

Change it to the correct tax code, save the material, go back to your sales order (you might have to leave and re-enter the transaction to have the material update taken in consideration), and try again. You should now be able to process your sales order.

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