I.T. Courses Online for Beginners

I.T. Courses Online for Beginners

My father went to school for Information Technology (I.T.) so I grew up with him constantly lecturing me about how to properly handle the devices that were inside our home. He still works in I.T., so there are moments that he still tries to teach me something new. But with the inclusion of technology in the basic functionality of society, I know the basics that are specific to my life.

Unfortunately, those basics have changed. I have found myself in situations where I have to personally be troubleshooting issues with my wifi modem.

Through my efforts to resolve my connection issues, I have thoroughly searched Google and have found various I.T. courses for beginners online. There are online courses for anything today, including defensive driving courses to lower insurance if you need the financial wiggle room due to being out of work.

If you are someone looking to learn how to successfully manage your technological issues while working from home, wanting to change careers, or merely wanting to learn something new to pass the time, here are some I.T. courses online for beginners.

An Introduction to Information Technology

The exciting thing about Information Technology is that it is the type of field that you can get into right away. You do not need months or years of training before getting actual training in the field. You can learn to work in this field from the comfort of your home.

Before you start an online paid training course though, spend time watching free educational videos online first. If you can find a free course, that is ten times better.

Although I.T. is a field you can jump into right away, it is also a field that can be difficult to comprehend depending on your knowledge of basic technology. Once you understand the basics of I.T., you can decide what you want to learn specifically. For instance, there are SAP online courses about this certain category of information technology.

Top 5 IT courses online and learning platforms for beginners:

#1 – Codecademy: the Free Beginner Course

If you are specifically interested in coding, then Codecademy is a great place for you to begin. The online course offers a self-guided series for beginners, and it allows you to learn the basics of web development programming.

It offers a self-contained development environment for students to create and learn the basic structures of front-end code like CSS and HTML. After mastering the first few basics, you move on to learn about Ruby on Rails and Python, both of which are developmental tools that give you a framework and organization for the code you write.

#2 – Cybersecurity: Managing Risk in the Information Age Online Short Course

An online I.T. course geared towards managing risks in the information is a great online course to take if you are interested in a career in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Managing risk is an important skill as an ERP consultant.

This course allows people to equip themselves with a better understanding of cyber risk management. Additionally, the course includes the management of reputational risk, operations, and litigation. It gives you the skills needed to assess and navigate specific vulnerabilities within an organization’s network.

Once you understand the vulnerabilities, you can better protect the security and confidentiality of digital assets. You can take this course through Harvard’s online academy.

#3 – Course in I.T., Web Design Specifications

The International Career Institute offers an online course for web design that teaches you web design in regard to the E-commerce sector. You learn how to create attractive and practical web pages that visitors can easily navigate through. The keynote of this course is that it hones in on making a website user-friendly.

#4 – MIT OpenCourseware Online

The MIT OpenCourseware program also offers self-guided courses. The difference with this one is that it is a free course from one of the best technical schools in the United States. With these courses, you can apply your knowledge to creating storage in SAP (Systems Applications and Products) for business needs or personal needs. This program allows you to learn programming, development, mathematics, and computer engineering.

#5 – Mozilla Developer Network

The people that created the heavily used Firefox web browser also created a series of online courses, articles, and other resources for people to learn a variety of things in the I.T. world. The topics revolve around basic web introductions, common vocabulary, front-end languages, and optimization and performance.

The Mozilla Developer Network is ideal for those who are interested in ERP. The things you learn in these tutorials teach you the necessary tools associated with how ERP helps consulting firms. It is also a good fit for those who learn by reading words and seeing examples on a page in front of them.

#6 – Khan Academy Covers All Subjects

Khan Academy offers courses that cover all of the subjects associated with Information Technology. The tutorials are self-guided and as an added bonus, you get audio and video guidance from experts within the tutorials.

This academy is ideal for those who want to learn as much about I.T. as possible. The interactive window makes it easier for you to understand because it shows the code and the output results while simultaneously narrating.

#7 – SAP, ERP, Office, Management and more – with certifications

The large choice of courses offered on the MichaelManagementPlatform are a great way not only to learn new skills, but also even to get professional certifications that you can add to your CV and show your employers, but completing some of their learning paths.

With various topics such as Enterprise Resource Planning software, programming, office productivity, and more to come, it is one of the best places online for continuous learning, where it is worth getting a yearly subscription to access various courses in different situations.

#8 – Fiverr learn

With an ever growing choice of courses in various fields, such as Marketing, Graphic design, Websites creation, business, and programs usage, most people will find Fiverr very useful at learning online new IT skills.

#9 – Udemy courses

Udemy is an online learning platform with over 54 million students taking 204,000 courses. You can be taught a course on programming, design, graphics, SEO, etc. These are some of the best it courses for beginners that you can take to get familiar with the profession.

The cost of most courses ranges from $25 to $200 if purchased at full price. In this case, you can often get a discount or even a course for free if you have a promo code.

Probably the platform offering the largest variety of IT online courses for beginners, the Udemy platform has courses in all possible fields, from the basics of using a computer to complete guides about all types of software.

A Multitude of Online I.T. Courses is Available

The list for available I.T. courses online could be very long; there are so many great options.The key to finding the best course for you is to spend some time deciding what exactly you want to learn from these courses. Information Technology is such a broad field, and you can specialize in a number of different areas, so try to narrow your interests down.

You can use YouTube and other free resources to learn more about all of the fields associated with I.T.. Once you have a general idea of what you want to learn more about, you can begin your search for an appropriate online I.T. course.

The courses listed above are just a few examples of courses and how they can apply to different scenarios or different career paths.

Imani Francies, FindNewCarInsurance.com
Imani Francies, FindNewCarInsurance.com

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What are the recommended IT courses online for beginners interested in ERP?
For beginners in IT, courses that cover basic programming, database management, and an introduction to ERP systems are highly recommended to build foundational knowledge.

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