Overview of Dedicated Access to SAP ABAP on the Internet

Overview of Dedicated Access to SAP ABAP on the Internet

You can start using SAP ABAP right after purchase thanks to the large number of pre-configured settings. It is noted that users are especially attracted by the innovative interface of the software product.

SAP ABAP Dedicated Access Overview

The SAP solution is designed for an automated, enterprise-specific resource planning solution. Additionally, the user gets the opportunity to optimize the company's business processes.

A competent SAP deployment requires the use of a server, client tier, and a DBMS. The database management system is selected based on the work practice and standards of a particular enterprise, but most often the proposed options are easily compatible with each other. In an extreme case, you will need to hire an IT specialist, but only for short-term work. After proper configuration, the server can be left alone.

For work, you can use SAP S / 4HANA on the Internet with dedicated access for 5 identifiers, one of which has access to the Workbench. The administrator can independently create their own programs, tables and applications to optimize business processes.


One of the advantages of SAP Fiori is a unique interface that simplifies the work with the system. Although the interface is really beautifully made and of high quality, it looks more like not a tool for working with a server, but an attractive GUI picture that would be appropriate in Apple's operating system. Most experts believe that the interface in such systems should be strict. Otherwise, the user will be too distracted from work.

Fiori is a gateway to the world of SAP solutions anytime, anywhere, from any device with Internet access.

SAP Fiori advantages and disadvantages are quite obvious. An example of interesting advantages is that the system provides more than 300 role-playing applications such as HR, manufacturing, finance, etc. When you open the SAP Fiori home page application, you will see an image of flowers. This is because Fiori means flowers in Italian.

However, the visual appeal of the interface requires an individual assessment, and also depends on the literacy level of the user who will work with it. For fine-tuning, you still need to use the terminal, which entails a number of consequences:

  • It is still difficult for a user without special training to use this tool if the maximum potential is required;
  • Complex tasks require the involvement of an IT specialist for their solution;

However, all these disadvantages can hardly become really significant when it comes to functional stuffing.

For the interface, you can put 4 points on a five-point scale. The appearance is beautiful and attractive, and the shortcomings are noticed mainly by IT specialists, who are more happy with the harsh console than the intuitive GUI.

What's included

The user is given access to his own client, with a guaranteed absence of unauthorized access. No one will be able to access user data otherwise than through obtaining information from the administrator.

The system allows you to create your own configuration, or use ready-made options, as well as watch samples of master records and transactions. It is noted that to create a truly working solution, a serious rework of ready-made options is required, which an untrained user is unlikely to cope with. On the other hand, if the settings are correct, it is possible to guarantee correct operation for a long time.

A high level of technical support is noted in the event of any difficulties in the operation of the system. Support works online around the clock. Additionally, you can change your account level up or down at any time.

The abundance of functions and competent support are advantages that cannot be overcome by anything. The presence of ready-made scripts is noted, which is convenient for performing most user tasks. All this allows you to put a solid four with a plus. The only reason for the decrease in the estimate is the need to adjust the ready-made scenarios for implementation in a real company. However, such a disadvantage is present in any product.


The user is offered two types of subscriptions:

  • Quarterly - $ 2,995;
  • Annual - $ 9,585.

The second option offers the user a savings of 20%. Here you can use the software product at a price that matches the average market indicators. It would be possible to give the highest score for this, but we must remember about the danger of a sudden rise in prices.

For big business, a sharp increase in price will not be something unpleasant, since it is, in any case, an insignificant percentage of the total budget. For small and medium-sized businesses, skyrocketing prices can be ruinous as they can have every dollar in their account.

However, the above assumption does not necessarily correspond to the truth, and companies can always reorient themselves to cheaper, but also less productive products.


The product can be called attractive to the consumer.

Main advantages - There are disadvantages, but in small quantities. Among the main ones:

  • Interesting and beautiful design, which is specially communicated to users;
  • Abundance of functions;
  • Good technical support;
  • Price.
  • Administrators won't always like the interface;
  • Danger of price increases.

Design can be called a conditional advantage and the same conditional disadvantage. It all depends on who exactly is looking at him. The danger of a price increase should also be recognized as a disadvantage only conditionally, as well as the need to rewrite some of the previously made settings.

Despite all the conventionality of such shortcomings, their very presence requires lowering the final assessment by one point, and giving the proposal a solid four in terms of the totality of the facts.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does dedicated access to SAP ABAP on the internet streamline the learning and development process?
Dedicated access to SAP ABAP on the internet streamlines the learning and development process by providing users with an intuitive, pre-configured environment. This access facilitates easier experimentation and learning, making it ideal for users looking to develop their skills in SAP ABAP.

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