SAP LSMW batch scheduling

You are using  LSMW   (Legacy System Migration Workbench), in Batch Input Recording mode (Fig 1), and want to make an update on several objects, which may take a lot of time, out of business hours ? This, without having to turn on your computer at midnight ? See below how to schedule batch job in sap.

The best way is to use a schedule program with a sap background job that will handle the batch management of the sap batch job for you, with corresponding job scheduling tools.

As a prerequisite, it is necessary to know how to create batch in sap, how to use lsmw, to SAP create LSMW, and the  LSMW   steps in sap mm. How to use  LSMW   in sap is necessary in order to use the sap job scheduling tools. Reminder : the  LSMW   tcode is LSMW.

This is possible, and even easy using the job scheduler.

To do so, you have several possibilities, after your (or yours) Batch Input Session have been created (Fig 2) :

Schedule all sessions created under a given Session Name,

Schedule a single session based on its Queue ID.

When you got the information (Session name or Queue ID), go in the ABAP Editor (SE38) (Fig 3), enter the chosen program name, RSBCBTC or RSBDCSUB, and execute it.

1 several sessions by RSBDCSUB

Once in the Batch Input: Process All Sessions, you just have to enter your Session Name (Fig 4) in the right place.

You can, and very certainly will have to, select only the sessions that you just created, by entering the sessions creation time slot. This while verifying that the New checkbox is checked.

2 a single session by RSBDCSUB

If you choose to plan only a Batch Input Session, you just have to enter its Queue ID (Fig 9) in the corresponding field under screen Utility Report For Batch Input.

Once your sessions are selected, you may want to plan their execution.

To do so, in Program menu, select Execute in Background F9 (Fig 5). Choose then a printer (Fig 6) (do not hesitate to select a virtual one if you do not want to print anything), validate.

You can now schedule a the run batch job using the batch job scheduling tools (Fig 7). Click on Date/Time, and enter the starting hour which will not be exact, as your execution will depend on other active process on the system and other options.

Click then on save, and voila !

To go further

The SAP job monitoring, or job scheduling and monitoring tools for your sap job scheduling can be accessed in sap job transaction SM37, the sap job tcode SM37 (Fig 10), simply by entering your login and the execution day.

You then see the past, present and future executions in the sap batch job monitoring (Fig 11).

The SAP job table TBTCO, which is the batch job table in sap, can be used for the sap batch traceability of the batch scheduling jobs, and to find a batch process in the sap job list, with the sap job overview tcode SM37.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can batch jobs be scheduled in SAP LSMW for efficient processing?
In SAP LSMW, batch jobs can be scheduled to run during off-hours, allowing updates on multiple objects without manual intervention, enhancing efficiency and time management.

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