SAP define a Partner System for IDoc Inbound Processing

When trying to generate IDocs, getting the information message “No partner exists with the name ”, type ”” (Fig 1), means that a “Partner System” has to be set up.

Defining a “Partner System” will allow to select IDocs for processing by “Partner System”, which can be set by project, in order to allow different teams to work on different IDocs at the same time for example.

To define a “Partner System”, go to the  LSMW   menu (Fig 2), and go in the “IDoc Inbound Processing” option from “Settings” menu (Fig 3), or use keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+F1.

Once in the “IDoc Inbound Processing: Preparatory Measures” screen (Fig 4), just fill in a “File port”, a “Partn.Type”, and a “Partner No.” (Fig 5), at least.

It is possible to lookup (or define new) ports and partners by clicking on the appropriate button, or by going to transaction WE21 to define a “File port”, and WE20 to define a new “Partner No.”. Most likely no new “Partn.Type” has to be defined, as they are standard.

Click afterwards on “Activate IDoc Inbound Processing” (Fig 5) in order to save entered values, and then generate IDocs.

When processing them, using for example BD87, do not forget to enter the right “Partner System” (Fig 6),  LSMW   in my example – otherwise it would select all IDocs created on the system.

Frequently Asked Questions

What steps are involved in setting up a Partner System for IDoc inbound processing in SAP?
Setting up a Partner System for IDoc inbound processing involves defining the partner's name and type, crucial for generating IDocs in SAP LSMW.

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Dear Ankit, You'll have to ask your administration team to review your user roles and provide the corresponding authorizations. Best regards
 2018-11-05 -  Ankit Soni
Hi Yoann, While executing above steps you explained, I am getting issue in opening of IDoc inbound Processing under settings tab in LSMW. I am getting error of "You only have authorization 'CHANGE' and not 'ADMINISTRATE'." and when I check on this information I am getting "Due to a lack of authorization 'Administrate' is for display only" and than again home screen appears. Kindly let me know how to overcome this error.
 2018-11-07 -  Keeep this going please, grdat job!

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