SAP solve KI248 Account requires an assignment to a CO object

When trying to create a Purchase Order, the error in SAP KI248 Account requires an assignment to a CO object might occur.

It will most likely means that no cost center has been set for the GL account in the current company code.

In order to solve the issue, go to transaction OKB9 sap, Change view Default account assignment, and click on sap New Entries Find local activities

Add new lines with the sap company code data, sap general ledger in account accounts, and the cost center in sap

Save the new entries, and try again it should now work. It might be necessary to leave the vendor master transaction code and enter again in order to see the change being taken in consideration by the  SAP system ‌  transaction codes.

This is all part of the vendor master data sap, see below some useful  SAP MM ‌  tcodes :

Display purchase order in SAP using the  SAP transaction codes ‌  ME23N sap transaction code for display purchase order, or sap tcode for purchase order.

SAP purchase order account assignment table is EKKN.

SAP cost center tcode, t code or sap cost center transaction is KS03 sap tcode for cost center.

SAP cost center table are CSKS, CSSL and CSSK for cost center master data table in sap.

Create company code in sap with transaction code OX02 in customization.

SAP company code table is T001.

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