How to allow posting to previous period in SAP?

Backposting in SAP

It is possible in SAP to allow posting in previous period, providing that a  close posting periods‌  hasn’t been done on the target previous posting period.

allow posting to previous period (Backposting) in MM period close

SAP FIORI allow posting to previous period

Start by researching in the  FIORI interface‌  for the allow posting to previous periods transaction, which will allow you to allow backposting to a period previously opened using the  SAP FIORI OB52‌  transaction.

Once in the transaction, enter the company code for which the posting to previous period should be allowed.

It is possible to use the search function to find the company code number, in case you do not know it in advance.

Posting to previous period allowed

After having entered the company code, all you have to do in order to allow posting to previous periods for  open posting periods‌  is to check the corresponding button.

Then, click on execute to have the operation being carried out in your local SAP system.

Once the execution has been carried out, a confirmation message should be displayed in the FIORI interface, confirming the successful operation in your SAP system.

See also how to  close posting periods‌  in SAP and how to use the  SAP FIORI OB52‌  transaction to open posting periods.

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