How to open posting period in FIORI with SAP OB52 transaction?

A posting period is a time interval during which it is allowed to create documents that are dated in that range.

What is a posting period?

A posting period is a time interval during which it is allowed to create documents that are dated in that range.

On top of the time range allowing documents posting, the posting periods are created for specific SAP General Ledger accounts, which can be selected by range. It is possible to  open posting periods   and to  close posting periods   in  SAP S4HANA   and SAP FIORI apps.

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How to use the SAP OB52 transaction in FIORI?

Start by accessing your  SAP system   with the FIORI interface, the SAP OB52 transaction in FIORI can be found by using the search field in the  FIORI interface   top right corner search field.

Once in the transaction, the first step is to select a work area for the posting period.

It is possible to find the right work area to use by opening the list of posting period variants existing on the system.

Creating a posting period in SAP FIORI OB52

Once in the SAP OB52 transaction in the new FIORI interface, click on the new entries button in order to add a new posting period in the SAP system.

It is also possible from the change view posting periods: specify intervals overview to modify the existing posting periods already created in the SAP FIORI interface.

The interface to create a new posting period is very similar to the one for modification. Enter as many posting periods as necessary, and specify the important information:

  • Posting period variant,
  • Account type,
  • Account number interval start,
  • Account number interval end,
  • Posting period starting month,
  • Posting period starting year,
  • Posting period ending month,
  • Posting period ending year.

Click on the save button to finish creating the posting periods.

A customizing request prompt will appear in order to save the information entered, as opening new posting periods is a customizing operation for the SAP system.

An information message will be displayed in case the posting period has been successfully created.

Allowed posting periods error message

While creating a supplier invoice, and trying to post it in a given period, it might happen to get the error message Allowed posting periods 01 2019.

Diagnosis: The posting date is not within one of the allowed posting periods. This can be due to one of two reasons:

To solve such errors, follow above guide by going to SAP OB52 transaction, closing posting periods if necessary, and creating the necessary posting periods that were missing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for opening a posting period in SAP FIORI using the OB52 transaction?
Opening a posting period in SAP FIORI through OB52 involves defining the period range and associated accounts for posting.

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