Close a posting period in SAP FI OB52 transaction

Posting period closing in SAP FI

Closing a posting period in SAP FI can be done by accessing the transaction code OB52 close posting period in subsidiary ledgers, or by accessing the SAP menu > accounting >  Financial Accounting‌  > general ledger > reporting > tax reports > France > sales/purchase tax returns > deferred tax processing > OB52 -  close posting periods‌  in subsidiary ledgers.

OB52 transaction walk-through

The first step in the transaction OB52 in order to close a posting period, is to select an eventual variant.

After that, once in the transaction OB52 change view posting periods specify time intervals overview, find the right posting period for which the accounts should be closed in a given year and period.

Creation of a new posting period in OB52

In case the posting period does not exist, it might be necessary to create it, by clicking on the top menu button new entries, which will allow to create a new line in the posting periods table.

There, a blank table will be provided at first. It will be necessary to enter all details of the required posting periods in order to proceed.

The mandatory information for a posting period are the variant, the destination account, the starting period and year, and the ending period and year.

For example, in case the posting period is not open for current year for a given account, it will be necessary to create a posting period that goes from period one, which generally means January for a company starting its exercise on 1st of January, until period number 12, which means December, both in the same year, for example 2019.

If the posting period is not open for a given period, it will not be possible to post any expense on the accounts that are using these periods.

Enter a customizing request and save

After the posting period has been created and saved, it will be requested to enter a customizing in order to save the customizing change in the system.

After that, the posting period creation screen should be back with the newly created posting period displayed, and, if everything went well, a confirmation message stating that data was saved will be displayed in the notification tray on the bottom of the SAP GUI interface.

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