Cost center does not exist

Cost center does not exist KI265

The message KI265 cost center does not exist can be solved by either selecting a correct cost center, or by creating a cost center for the required period corresponding to the purchase order being created for example.

This  SAP FICO ‌  error might happen in  SAP S4HANA ‌  and R3 versions of the SAP ERO.

Cost center AB01 does not exist on 15.09.2010.
Cost Center does not exist

The error KI265 is the following:

DIAGNOSIS: Cost center in controlling area does not exist or only exists in the period prior to.

PROCEDURE: Enter an existing cost center.

Alternately, create cost center for the period you require. In this case you must create the document again after creating the cost center. If you wish you can temporarily store the document and then continue processing it after creating the cost center.


Create cost center in SAP

If it is necessary to create a cost center in SAP to solve the error KI265 cost center does not exist, and to proceed with a purchase order creation, it might be that a corresponding cost center already exists, but is not valid for the dates in which the PO is being created.

Start by opening the create cost center tcode KS01.

In the create cost center in SAP transaction KS01, start by entering the controlling area, the cost center code, and most importantly, the valid from date and valid to date, which must cover at least the date range of the goods processing.

The controlling area cannot be selected directly in the create cost center initial screen, but has to be accessed from the menu extras > set controlling area, or by using the keyboard shortcut F6 set controlling area.

In the set controlling area pop-up, it is possible to select the right controlling area to use, and, if necessary, to use the SAP help to find the right controlling area that will be useful to create the cost center for the correct date range.

Cost center accounting in SAP

Once the right controlling area has been selected, the cost center code has been entered, and the date range of the cost center to create have been entered, it is possible to proceed with the cost center creation, to have it available for SAP accounting.

In the create cost center basic screen, the main information to enter are the following:

name, to quickly identify the cost center corresponding to the given code,

description, to give more information about the cost center usage,

person responsible, a text field with the name of a collaborator that will be able to answer of this cost center,

the cost center category, which indicates the type of cost center it is, for example production, administration, or sales and distribution,

hierarchy area, a tree structure with all profit centers belonging to a given controlling area,

currency, in which currency payments are made for this cost center, and how it will be reported.

Once all these information have been entered, it is possible to save the cost center.

If information is correct, the cost center creation will proceed, and if date range is large enough, it will now be possible to proceed with the purchase order creation.

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