FINS_ACDOC_CUST209 Company code is flagged as template

FINS_ACDOC_CUST209 Company code is flagged as template

The error FINS_ACDOC_CUST209 Company code is flagged as template happens when trying to create a goods receipt purchase order, because the company code in which the purchase order is being created has been flagged as a template, meaning it is not a functional company code and cannot be used for physical exchange.

To solve it, simply go to customizing FINSC_CO_CD_TEMPLATE and remove the template flag for the corresponding company code, or use another company code.

Set Company Code to Productive

FINS_ACDOC_CUST209 error description

DIAGNOSIS: Posting to company code is not permitted, because the company code is flagged as a template.

PROCEDURE: Do either one of the following:

Make sure the document is not posted to this company code.

Remove the template flag from this company code using transaction FINSC_CO_CD_TEMPLATE. Note that the customizing for company codes not flagged as templates is subject to additional constraints. The customizing must be fully consistent to successfully post documents. Any inconsistencies are reported during the posting process.

Remove company code template flag

If the company code being used is the right one, then having it flagged as a template company code is a mistake and should be corrected in customizing.

To perform this operation, open the transaction code FINSC_CO_CD_TEMPLATE maintain template company codes.

There, locate the company code, for which the template flag is most likely already set.

Remove the flag, and save the current table status, in order to unflag the company code from a template one, and be able to use it as a normal company code in which goods receipt can be posted.

A customizing request will most likely be asked to perform the operation.

After the operation is done, the data will be saved, and the company code can be used to post purchase orders and other physical exchanges.

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