SAP Message C+302 – Material ledger not active in plant

Valuation area not yet productive with material ledger

When trying to start a job production startup of material ledger in transaction CKMSTART, the error message C+302, Material ledger not active in plant, might occur:

How to activate material ledger in SAP

To solve this error, go to the customizing IMG, transaction SPRO, and navigate to Controlling > Product Cost Controlling > Actual Costing/Material Ledger > Activate Valuation Areas for Material Ledger.

Here, choose the Activate Material Ledger:

Scroll to the corresponding Valuation Area, and check the Material Ledger activated.

Enter a Price Determination as well, and save:

Activate material ledger in SAP

Back in CKMSTART, it is now possible to start the job production, by entering the requested background job parameters.

A confirmation message should then appear:

SAP Material Ledger Actual Costing End to End Scenario video

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