How to review customer projects in SAP Cloud and FIORI app?

After have completed the plan a customer project phase, it is possible to use the SAP FIORI application review customer projects to change them and check some interesting statistics and reports relative to that project.

Review customer project in SAP

After have completed the  plan a customer project‌  phase, it is possible to use the  SAP FIORI application‌   review customer projects‌  to change them and check some interesting statistics and reports relative to that project.

This application will also enable us to review or change project completion status, but also to review several KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).

Select the  review customer projects‌   SAP FIORI application‌  in the SAP Cloud  FIORI interface‌  to start.

Review Customer Projects - SAP Help Portal

Customer project forecast month

Starting in the project list, it is possible to find a specific project, and use the set forecast month button to assign a forecast month.

After clicking on the set forecast month, a popup do you want to forecast project for current month will appear, simply confirm it.

The forecast will now have been updated, and the change is visible directly on the dashboard.

If you click on the project line, you'll enter the project status details.

There, it is possible to change the forecast effort for a specific work package.

After having clicked on the recalculate button, the project status will be directly update after a quick calculation, with the SAP POC percentage of completion and margin at completion updated in real time.

Customer project status

In the project status tab, it is possible to add new status by clicking on the plus icon.

From there, it is possible to record a new status for the current date. For each status area, enter a status , a trend to choose between no trend, lowering, improving, and unchanged, and finally an eventual note for the overall status.

That status created will then be visible in the status list, and it will be easy to assess the customer project progress by comparing the statuses that have been entered earlier, and assess the current SAP POC.

Customer project version

The last tab of the  review customer projects‌   SAP FIORI application‌  is the versions tab.

There, it is possible to compare between each other several values of the project, which will depend on the project baseling along with the current plan and also the Estimate at completion EAC.

Review customer project version comparison values:

  • work package ID,
  • billing item,
  • revenue (sold),
  • value,
  • EAC Estimate at completion,
  • Plan,
  • Baseline.

The next and last step in the customer project process is to analyze a customer project.

What is SAP POC?

SAP POC: Percentage Of Completion

The SAP POC stands for Percentage of Completion.

The SAP POC is used in several SAP FIORI applications and  SAP transaction codes‌  to refer to the actual current percentage of completion (SAP POC) of a given task or project.

In corresponding screens, SAP POC is simply refered to as POC, for Percentage of Completion.

Intro to SAP FIORI in video

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