SAP turn off sound effects

In short : uncheck the activate audio signal box in options > interaction design > sound settings menu.

How to turn sound off in sap

Getting annoyed by the SAP sounds, or missing them ?

It is quite simple to deactivate the notification sounds in whole SAP (Logon and sessions), or to activate them.

In the SAP logon‌ window, go to Options... menu to change the SAP notification settings.

From there, navigate in the tree to Interaction Design => Sound Settings.

Select the value you want, uncheck the box activate audio signal to turn off the SAP sound effects, or check the box to turn on the SAP sound effects.

Click Apply, and OK to apply the SAP options in the SAP GUI.

You can now hear again, or not hear anymore, the notification of SAP interface‌ audio signals.

What is SAP sound ? In the SAP interface, when doing a select in SAP, for example choosing a non existing value, or getting an error when saving a document, SAP can play sound. These sounds can become annoying and be deactivated or maybe they are necessary and can be reactivated.

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How to select in sap

Quick tip : to select in SAP, press CTRL + Y on your keyboard, you can now select text in SAP interface‌ and copy it !

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