Invoice mass reversal in SAP

Reverse a document in SAP is possible, using the mass reversal tcode in SAP FB08 for individual reversal, and F.80 for mass reversal.

Invoice mass reversal in SAP

Reverse a document in SAP is possible, using the mass reversal tcode in SAP FB08 for individual reversal, and F.80 for mass reversal.

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Starting with invoices that have been created for example in the transaction FB70 enter customer invoice, we might end up with several customer invoices that we want to cancel, or, to use the proper SAP terminology, to mass reverse.

Having a look at the invoice list directly in the table, in the accounting customer invoice table BSID secondary index for customers, we can see the list of invoice that we would like to reverse.

mass reversal tcode in SAP

In the SAP easy access we can find the  Financial Accounting   reversal transaction tcodes FB08 for an individual reversal and F.80 for mass reversal, the SAP document reversal tcode for accounting.

Using the mass reversal accounting transaction, tcode to reverse invoice in SAP F.80, we need to enter all the criteria that will allow to find the customer invoices to reverse, which can be a list of company codes, of document numbers, of fiscal years, or a specific ledger, the later one being mandatory.

SAP FB08 reversal reason

A reason for reversal is mandatory, and these are the possible reasons:

01 Reversal in current period, meaning no big change on the general accounting, as the period is still open,

02 Reversal in closed period, which might have a big impact on that period and eventually the following ones,

03 Actual reversal in current period, meaning with negative posting if allowed by the system,

04 Actual reversal in closed period, meaning with negative posting allowed by the system,

05 Accrual/deferral posting, when the asset is not realized until a future date.

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FB08 mass reversal

After having selected all the options allowing to perform the reversal, and actually applied it, a first screen will show the list of documents that fulfill the criteria, for validation before starting with the reversal. Have a detailed look to validate it before proceeding.

If the list is correct, click on the reverse documents button, and the reversal will be applied in the system.

At the end of the process, a message will be displayed stating how many documents have been reversed, and which errors eventually occurred.

On top, the list of documents successfully reversed, and, at the bottom, the list of documents which couldn't be reverted.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How is mass invoice reversal performed in SAP?
Mass invoice reversal in SAP is conducted through specific transactions that allow reversing multiple invoices simultaneously for efficient accounting adjustments.

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