SAP Assignment of purchasing organization to company code and plant

Assign purchasing organization to plant

After having created a new purchasing organization in SAP, the next step is to assign it to both a company code in SAP MM, and a plant, in order to be able to use it within the SAP MM module. Otherwise, some issues may be faced while creating a  SAP purchase order‌  for example.

First of all, go to the customizing SAP transaction SPRO, and navigate to Enterprise Structure > Assignment > Materials Management > Assign Purchasing Organization to Company Code.

Assign purchase organization to company code

In the SAP change view, find the Purchasing organization to which a company code should be assigned, enter it, and save.

A SAP MM customizing request will be necessary and a SAP prompt with ask for it.

Then, back in SPRO SAP transaction, navigate to Enterprise Structure > Assignment > Material Management > Assign standard purchasing organization to plant.

Purchase organisation in sap

Find the plant to which the purchasing organization should be assigned :

Enter the  SAP purchasing organization‌  structure to assign to the plant, and save :

Again, a SAP prompt will request a customizing request :

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What is standard purchase organization in SAP mm

A purchasing organisation structure has to be defined in SAP, in order to allow a purchasing group in SAP to perform purchases for the corresponding SAP purchasing group assignment, once the assignment of purchasing group to purchasing organization and subsequent assignments to company code and plant has been done.

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