Best SAP Certification for Beginners

Best SAP Certification for Beginners

SAP certification is special testing. It is intended for people who want to become certified specialists and work with different solutions, SAP methodologies. Certification means obtaining a certificate of high competence and practical experience. Employers can be confident that they are hiring qualified professionals.

Definition and features of certification

SAP stands for System Applications and Products. At first, the certification was aimed at users to enable them to interact through various applications. Gradually, their number began to increase. Today SAP is used even by well-known global corporations such as IBM, Microsoft.

Five people became the founders. They worked together on all the developments. Applications have changed and modified. The new versions, which were presented over the last year, provide unlimited opportunities for customers who can now manage financial instruments and assets, factories, employees, archival documentation. They can keep track of costs, production operations.

SAP regularly develops accompanying applications for already existing proprietary products. All of them are adapted to the interface of the device on which they will be used. New tools are being created that allow you to manage the supply of products, establish relationships with suppliers and potential customers. The system consists of various integrated modules. Now they cover almost all the important tools that allow you to manage business processes.

SAP is a user-friendly platform that is known all over the world. It includes the following features:

  • accounting of financial transactions, controlling;
  • execution of planning in a manufacturing enterprise;
  • management of loads and shipments of goods, all flows of material values.

Over the past 5 years, the demand for SAP knowledge has increased in enterprises that are engaged in manufacturing. Their owners actively need experienced managers who have basic knowledge.

What are the best SAP certifications for beginners?

SAP certification includes a huge number of modules and complete courses. Eligibility primarily depends on the skills that the person possesses. For beginners, it is better to take courses in the following areas:

SAP certification is divided into two main types of courses. The first is more functional, while the second is conducted in a technical format. Both courses provide similar transaction and authorization codes. All of them are closely associated with human education.

SAP learning paths

If the best SAP certification for beginners is chosen, a quality education can be obtained. The MichaelManagement platform offers different types of courses - hands-on and simulation. A person gets access to a virtual system, which is completely similar to the real one. Video courses are also conducted under the guidance of an experienced instructor. All specialists are experienced experts in their field. These are authors of published books, in-demand speakers, and leading consultants.

Best new SAP ERP Certification for Beginners

For each course passed, a person receives a corresponding certification badge. It can be posted on your personal professional profile. You can often find badges on LinkedIn, your resume, your own website. As for the training paths, the best specialists have done painstaking work and organized popular courses in the most common, demanded professions in SAP. To obtain a certification, you must follow the courses listed in each training path. On successful completion, a certification badge will be issued. In MichaelManagement, an unlimited SAP training subscription gives you access to all modules.

MichaelManagement unlimited new SAP ERP training subscription

Each person receives functional and technical skills. This includes the responsibilities of analysts. People who have experience in programming, development will be able to learn faster in technical courses. There are no specific programs that must be completed in order to successfully pass the exam testing. It is important to remember that professionals can get a more professional level. To do this, you need to have basic knowledge.


SAP today is a demanded certification in business. If IT specialists are well aware of all the features of the platform, they will become in demand in different countries of the world. SAP implementation is a complex process. It is important to have the appropriate knowledge and the right level of training.

To get the required level of knowledge, it is important to take courses and improve your qualifications. Today entrepreneurs and well-known large companies hire certified specialists. That is why you need to have all the basic SAP skills, know not only the theory, but also be well versed in all the tools.

core SAP skills

Who can get certified and existing levels

Today, three main levels are available for obtaining - professional, master, junior specialist. Exams can be taken at two levels. In the learning process, not only theoretical foundations are considered, but students also undergo practice. It is needed to consolidate knowledge, to understand all the subtleties.

Each level has its own definition:

  1. Associate employee. Such a person is well versed in basic SAP knowledge. He knows how to make decisions quickly.
  2. Professional level. After successful training, an advanced SAP certificate is issued. Such a specialist has practical experience in various business processes.
  3. Master. The certification is currently under development. A specialist of this level has an expert understanding of the selected area of ​​SAP software. He has a creative mind, will be able to offer innovative solutions to optimize IT directions even in the most complex projects.

When applying for a job, the knowledge of a junior specialist is checked using a test book. In other situations, you need to test experience in SAP. Professionals will be able to choose from three main areas. Applications, technologies, developments are available today. These are the main areas that are available for training today.

Employment after training

The main goal and motivation for passing the SAP certification is to get a better paid position at work. Opportunities for rapid career advancement open up before specialists. Today SAP is recognized by all global and world famous companies. On the Forbes list, about 75% of companies use SAP ERP.

Specialists who have a SAP certificate are paid 2-3 times more. Consultants will be able to receive awards. The average wage in the market depends on the level of experience, education and industry chosen. Another advantage is a good reputation among other professionals, colleagues and clients. Obtaining SAP certification will be a great motivation.

New opportunities will open up before a person. In the workplace, such employees have priority in promotion. Today, companies are afraid of losing a SAP-certified worker from the list.

SAP project types

SAP implementation requires a gradual approach. Companies often use different roadmaps. SAP implementation depends on the nature, complexity of each business process. Political and environmental factors are also taken into account. To meet the needs of the company, there are several main types of SAP projects:

  1. Phased. This is an alternative version of the big bang. Organizations are more likely to choose specific modules that can be integrated with existing processes.
  2. Deployment. First, new processes are introduced at the head office. Further, they are distributed to regional offices, branches in other cities.
  3. Renovation project. In companies, the ongoing maintenance of SAP may require the implementation of full-scale or mini-projects. They help to establish updates of technologies, functions in the enterprise.
  4. Expansion project. This includes all organizational changes, as well as the need for new units, functions in the company.

These are the main stages of SAP implementation in any enterprise.


The SAP program is so widely used by large companies not only due to the quality of products, but also due to the wide functionality that helps to optimize many processes and increases the speed of work. The SAP ERP program, which is designed to work with internal and external resources of companies, has become the most popular program for business out of the existing ones. For the quality work of your business, you need SAP testing certification.

You can get SAP certification on the website. Benefits of cooperation:

  1. The best training products for customers are produced. Training is carried out online, which is especially important for people from around the world. The best specialists worked on the development of educational materials. Professional actors are regularly hired to voice lessons. At the end of the training, exams are held. As statistics show, no one has yet made such courses that would cover all the full-fledged material.
  2. You can study in a comfortable environment and find a job in any company in the world. To get the position you want, you don't have to look for a business suit to please the director. Many students have already been able to get a job in world famous corporations.
  3. Affordable prices for training. Fair prices are set for the courses. A huge number of people have already been able to acquire valuable and necessary skills in working with SAP. After completing the training, you can get a higher-paying job, receive a higher income than other specialists.
  4. Training from the best specialists and professionals in their field. All courses were gradually refined and supplemented with valuable information. After passing them, you can become a truly in-demand specialist.

You don't have to be in the office to study. The training center was first established in sunny San Diego, California. The main office is now located in New York. The training is carried out online, so it is not necessary to waste time on the flight, trips to the office. You can study through a personal computer, laptop or smartphone. The main mission is to create the best SAP e-learning basics for students

Frequently Asked Questions

Which SAP certification is recommended for beginners and why?
For beginners, SAP certifications in core modules like SAP ERP Financials or SAP Material Management are recommended due to their fundamental relevance in business processes and their high demand in the job market.

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