How to use the SAP FIORI Audit Journal?

SAP Cloud Audit journal

The  SAP FIORI application‌   audit journal‌  is the next step for a General Ledger Accountant to perform common operations after having checked balance sheets in display financial statement, and having finished to  manage recurring journal entries‌  in SAP FIORI applications, all accessible from the FIORI interface.

Start by opening the  SAP FIORI application‌  audit journal, located in the General Ledger submenu.

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Using the SAP Audit journal

Start by using search criteria to find the right journal. You can enter company code, fiscal year, posting date, ledger, general ledger account, or journal entry type to get to the right selection.

Journal detail

The compact journal view will show all the journal results from the given search criteria.

Once a specific journal entry has been choosen, more details are available, and by selecting one of the entry, a link to manage journal entries application will be given.

Changes in journal entries for audit journal

From the changes in journal entries view, it will be possible to the whole log of changes that has been performed on a given journal entry.

Table name, field name, old value, new value... all details are accessible from that screen to perform your  audit journal‌  operation.

The check multi-referenced invoices will show invoices that are referenced in different journal entries, for your audit.

Gaps in journal entry numbering

The next step of the  audit journal‌  is to check the number gaps, by selecting the checl gaps in journal entry numbering option.

There, you will be able to review all possible issues related to the numbering in the system records.

What is an audit journal?

An audit journal, in SAP accessible through the corresponding transaction audit journal, is a list of all operations that has been performed on the system, when and by whom, in order to help users finding possible discrepancies and error.

The analyze of the  audit journal‌  is the best way to find possible issues in the system, especially related to  SAP FICO‌  finance operations or to internal numbering.

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