Message FF709 error in account determination: table T030K

SAP Error FF709 during supplier invoice creation

While creating an  SAP supplier invoice ‌  as part of the plan buy pay process, an error in account determination might arise, meaning that the automatic posting to account hasn't been setup in  SAP system ‌  customizing.

Error in account determination table t030k key ws3

Configuration accounting maintenance

To solve the SAP error FF709, open the transaction OB40 configuration accounting maintain: automatic posts - procedures.

There, the account determination is activated or not for each different transaction procedures, that are displayed with their descriptions for easier understanding.

Find the right chart of accounts by using the one that was mentioned in the error message.

You will be taken to another screen of the transaction, the automatic posts per account.

There, add a new line containing the tax code and the account number, the tax code being the one mentioned in the error message, and the account number the one that has been used in the  SAP supplier invoice ‌  creation.

After the new lines have been added, save the table to apply the changes.

A prompt for customizing request will be displayed to save the changes.

Repeat for every tax code

It might happen that you have several tax codes in error, in which case the error message will repeat itself, eventually also showing message FF708 related to table T030R.

For every error message, repeat the operation by adding a new tax code and account assignment combination in transaction OB40.

Error in account determination: table T030R key

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