Create a plant location in SAP Logistics

Plant location in SAP Logistics

The plant locations in SAP Logistics and SAP Plant Maintenance can be created in the customizing transaction SPRO. Do not mix them with the SAP  storage locations‌  also used in Logistics modules. The master data locations are used for informative assignment only, as they will allow to structure reporting for asset management, and following master data objects from the  SAP system‌  can be assigned to one of these master data location:

  • asset master records,
  • pieces of equipment,
  • functional locations,
  • work centers,
  • production resources / tools.
Creation of Location Master Data: transaction SPRO > reference IMG > enterprise structure > definition > logistics - general > define location
Creation of Location Master Data

Creation of a logistics location

Once in the customizing transaction, it is either possible to update names of existing locations, or to create a new master data logistics location by clicking on the new entries button.

In the creation screen, select an existing plant for location assignment, a unique location identifier, and a location name.

It will then be required to enter an address, for which only the country is mandatory. All other fields can be left blank.

Saving new location with customizing request

A customizing request will be necessary in order to save the new location in the SAP  Material Master views‌  and tables.

After that, the data should been saved successfully.

It is now possible to go back to the visualization screen and see the list of existing master data location, including the one that just has been created.

Basic SAP Logistics Configuration video

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