Error Message M7001 Check table T159L entry does not exist

Goods receipt error plant does not exist

During a Goods receipt in  SAP transaction codes ‌  MIGO it might happen that the plant hasn't been defined for inventory management, thus throwing an error M7001 check table T159L entry does not exist, after having created an  SAP supplier invoice ‌  for the goods receipt as part of the  plan buy pay process ‌  in the operational procurement.

Change plant parameters customizing transaction

To solve the error M7001, start by opening the SPRO customizing transaction, and go to  SAP Materials Management ‌  > inventory management and physical inventory > plant parameters.

Open the transaction to setup the plant for goods receipt.

In the change view general plant settings in inventory management overview transaction, click on new entries button to add an entry for the plant in which the goods receipt will physically happen, as there was no entry created yet in that table T159L.

You can also simply select an existing plant that is similar to the one you want to setup, and click on the copy button to copy settings from that other plant to new entries for plant settings in inventory management.

Error Check table T159L: entry does not exist

Creating plant parameters in transaction

If you have selected to copy an existing plant, then most of the fields will have been pre-filled for you.

All you have to do, is to enter the code of the new plant for which you will create plant settings in inventory management, and make sure that the different settings are correct, such as days for movements allowed, or retention period.

Once done, click on save or tap enter to continue with the creation.

The plant settings table will have been updated, and should now contain an entry for the plant that was initially in error.

Next step is to save entries in the customizing table T159L, for which a prompt for customizing request will pop-up and require to select a request to use with that change.

After that, you can proceed with the creation of your goods receipt, and finish your  operational procurement ‌  operations such as  create a supplier invoice ‌  related to that goods receipt.

How to Create Goods Receipt in SAP: MIGO, MB1C, MB03

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